Conformation Class

A basic training class designed for conformation showing.  You will be introduced to a show ring situation where various club members examine your dog and provide helpful information on ring procedure and presentation. Classes are held on a drop-in basis Wednesday nights at 7:30.  All dogs must be clean, vaccinated and under control of the handler. Classes may be canceled due to inclement weather or holidays.
(1 Hour Sessions)



Super Puppy Class  - For dogs ages 8 weeks to 4 months at the start of class

Imagine having the best dog you've ever had!  You can, with the help of the Super Puppy Class designed by Peter and Nancy Vollmer.  Learn positive reinforcement to help your puppy gain self-confidence and learn at the same time.  You and your puppy will become a team: mastering obstacles, learning basic obedience, and having a great time.  This class is an excellent start for any puppy, whether he's destined for the show or obedience ring, the field, or warming your feet on the couch. 

(45-minute class sessions)



4 - 6 Month Puppy Class

Give your puppy a good start.  Learn basic obedience along with puppy and people socialization, utilizing positive feedback to teach your puppy what it needs to know to be a great companion.  This class emphasizes socialization and learning in a fun way. 

(45 minute class sessions)



Beginner Obedience

A basic training class for dogs 6 months of age and older, aimed at training you to train your dog.  Emphasis is on the training needed to make the dog a good companion: walk on loose leash, sit, stand, down, stay, and come when called. 

(45 minute class sessions)




Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience is a fun competitive sport where the handler and dog follow the instructions specified on signs to complete a course created by a judge. This is a fun way to sharpen your dog's basic obedience skills through more creative exercises than just sit, down, stand and heel. The Beginner Rally Obedience class focuses on teaching the handlers the meaning of the different signs as well as teaching the handler how to teach the exercises to their dog. Prerequisite: your dog must know sit, down, stand, heel and stay on cue.

(45 minute class sessions)


Clicker Class
Clicker training is a fun and very effective way to train your dog.  In this class you use a small metal and plastic device called a clicker to produce a consistent, distinct sound to signal to your dog that his action has earned him a treat.  Your dog will become very involved in the training process with clicker training as he tries to figure what he can do to make you click and give him a treat.  Clicker training focuses on building a relationship between you and your dog that is based on trust, partnership and reward.  This class is geared toward the beginner-level pet dog but the methods learned in this class can be refined for competition preparation if that is your goal. (45 minute class sessions)


Advanced Beginners

A training class for those interested in continued training.  The basic obedience exercises are expanded on and polished, incorporating some of the Novice exercises.  This class prepares dog and handler for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. 

Prerequisite: a basic training class. 

(45 minute class sessions)



Novice Show Ready

A class designed for dogs and handlers who are preparing for show entry.  Emphasis on handling and AKC Obedience rules and regulations. 

(1 hour class sessions)  Based on demand





A basic class incorporating retrieving and jumping techniques in preparation for Open and Utility competitions.  Several methods for introducing the retrieve are presented. 

Prerequisite: one leg toward CD degree.



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